FO Retail Distribution stands with NSZZ SOLIDARNOSC against labor-union repression


FO denounces all forms of labor-union repression. FO Commerce is shocked to learn that Polish activists have been victims of anti-union repression following their campaign for wage increases.

  • How, in a country which has lived a history of brutality against workers and in particular against SOLIDARNOSC activists,
  • How, in a country which has ratified the ILO agreements (INTERNATIONAL LABOR ORGANIZATION) No 87, on labor-union freedom and the protection of unions, and No 98 on the right of free organization and collective bargaining,

can we see, in this day, such behavior ?


As in the past, FO supports Polish workers in their legitimate and necessary claim for better wages. This demand is also the one FO has been fighting for in all branches and companies.
More than ever, international Solidarity has to get organized against globalization and repression, for Bread, Peace and Freedom.

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